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In the 21st Century, "Mailorder Bride" is an antique term used only by the narrow minded few.

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Welcome to 21st-Century-Brides.Com. Our site is a robust international singles and personals service that features thousands of Russian, Asian, European and Latin women who are, very simply, seeking a good and loving man to spend the rest of their life with from any region of this now very small world. You will find that most of these women are looking for a very dedicated and traditional marriage but you will also find a large variety of backgrounds, beliefs and values. These women are real and, like you, they are looking for something that is missing in their life. This web site is hosted by a Russian-American couple that has practiced what is preached here and have implemented unmatched resources to bring you this foreign romance service that can, if you want it to, bring you the same happiness that they have enjoyed over their years of marriage.

If you are a single man, from any country, and are tired of the frustrating dating scene and being alone, then you have a valid opportunity here. You owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes and fully explore the genuine possibilities that our service presents to you. It is verifiably real and could change you life forever in many ways. Just as it has for literally thousands of men and women seeking marriage and looking for true love that have come before you.

That being said, please continue to explore our international service and consider it a valid option for any single man, of any walk of life, who simply wants to be happy with that one special woman. After this, consider the credibility, the genuine testimonials, the depth of the services, options and support and then consider what this is specifically for you. We believe that you will decide that you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain just as many of the men and women - who are now happily married after participating in our service - initially concluded. The idea is clear. You would like to soon be married to the woman of your dreams, no matter where she may be at this very moment. This is truly not an unrealistic expectation and we can personally testify to that.

Single Men Seeking Marriage Will Find Here:

Actually, the best summary that we could offer you is to simply ask you to briefly scroll up and down the navigation columns to the right and left of this page. We would then ask you if you have ever seen a singles, dating, matchmaking, personals, romance, marriage, love, tour (whatever) service that offers a more detailed and complete service (that you can use to the degree of your preference) anywhere - international OR domestic?! You will literally find everything here from the simply opportunity of getting introduced to one, or as many as hundreds, of these beautiful, single, foreign women - to every detail in between. Right up to the time that you actually meet these women and, hopefully, make plans for marriage and a happy future life together. However, in any event, below is a condensed summary of what we have to offer single men who would seriously like to find their true love in marriage…

  • There are now nearly 20,000 real and active profiles of women from Russia, Europe, Ukraine, the Asian-Oriental countries and Latin American countries on our service. They all have pictures and many have multiple pictures (now nearly 70,000 total pictures). There is clearly an ample and fair opportunity for any single man to be introduced to numerous women that could potentially become their future bride. It's ALWAYS FREE to fully browse all of these profiles.

  • You will find new Weekly Updates every Wednesday without fail of more than 200 new profiles of foreign women seeking marriage.

  • You will have a few very economical options to introduce yourself to any women that you are attracted to. You may order a sinlge address or have unlimited access to all of the contact addresses of ALL of the women INCLUDING the updates with our popular Platinum Membership for only $15 per month!

  • You will find a wide variety of tools to assist you in your search for that special woman - if you choose to use them. Our inexpensive Express Mail Service allows you to send and receive physical mail correspondence and pictures over the Internet much faster and more reliably than internationl postal mail. Our Conference Calling and Translation services mean that you can call her immediately with or without the assistace of a translator. Send her thoughtful gifts of love. Publish your "Men's" Profile. Learn how to easily and inexpensively get her your K-1 Fiancee Visa to bring her home with our "Do-It-Yourself Fiancee Visa Kit". Even travel and tour services if, and when, you decide to travel to meet one or more of these beautiful women.

  • We offer, without any argument, unequaled client support and customer service. You will find none like it in this industry and few as responsive in any other industry, for that matter. You can easily contact us for any of your needs by BOTH email AND telephone during any normal business hours. There will always be someone available to promptly assist you. Additionally, you will find a wealth of information and advice throughout our site to assist and guide you in your search for a special woman. Again, we will refer you to our navigation menus to explore the depth of this information.

  • Perhaps most important is credibility. This is evidenced in numerous ways. First, we are easily and proudly accessable as noted just above. Secondly, our service has withstood the scrutiny of substantial attention from the major media worldwide over the years. Third, our own personal story of actually using our own service. Finally, we proudly offer hundreds of recent testimonails and references (should you request them) from previous clients who were impressed enough to forgo their privacy and allow us to use their information.

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    "I am very glad that a friend suggested your personals service to me. My response has been wonderful! So far, and it's been about 1 month, I think, my response from the women is about 50%. Much better than I expected. I guess my next step is to schedule a trip with you to St. Petersburg to meet some of these lovely Russian women." - Larry C.

    "To be honest I was very skeptical of the statements made by your site and staff prior to the romance tour. But I figured why not, it would make an interesting vacation. I was wrong. Everything you stated on the site is 100% true!!! The beautiful women are incredible!" - Joe M.

    "Some of my friends still think I am crazy, but when they meet my Helena (from Russia) in January, they will know I am "crazy like a fox". I cannot find the words to express how very happy I am. " - Erik F.

    "Just to let you know, through your service I have found the love of my life from the Ukraine. We are now working on getting the fiancee visa necessary to bring my beautiful bride to be here. Thank You So very Much!!!! - Gary

    "I would like to removed my profile from the mens personals magazine as I no longer am looking for that special woman. I have found her in Russia through your service and we are to be married here in the US by the end of the year." - Steve and Olga

    "I cannot thank you enough for your service. $9.00 bought me a future life of happiness and the woman I was seeking. We had the marriage ceremony on June 15th. " - Wolf S.

    "I will admit the first time I had looked through several personals and singles services on the Internet and thought this is a mail order bride service for sure! Well I stand corrected and can say you have made it possible for me to meet a special woman and for us to fall in love and make plans for marriage!" - Michael L.

    There Is One Russian, Asian Or Latin Woman Here Who Can Change Your Life Forever.   Begin Your Foreign Adventure For Real Love And Marriage Here Today!

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